The yoga center is located in the Ahuza neighborhood in a central, quiet location and immersed in green.
In the center is a spacious, bright and airy practice room, paved with natural wood floors and high ceilings in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.


About the Yoga Center
Haifa Yoga, a school for the study of yoga Vedanta, was founded in the middle of 2000 by Sagi Yaari. The center holds yoga classes for beginners and classes open to all levels, weekly meditation classes, a yoga teacher training course, courses and workshops on a variety of topics: meditation, positive thinking, pranayama, yogi-Ayurvedic cooking and other activities from time to time.

The practice and study of yoga is delivered in the spirit and tradition of Shivananda.

Practicing yoga brings health and rejuvenation. A way to release internal tensions and external pressures.
Improves the function of internal organs and blood circulation – in the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and heals them.
Improves the functioning of the systems in the body – nerves, hormones, blood, digestion and heals them.
Brings holistic healing to the person.


Sunday 18:00-19:30
Sunday 20:00-21:30 Meditation course - Revital
Monday 9:30-11:00
Tuesday 7:00-8:15
Tuesday 16:30-17:15 Yoga for children with Keren Reshef
Tuesday 19:00-20:30
Wednesday 18:00-19:30
Wednesday 20:00-21:30
Thursday - private lesson
Friday 9:00-10:30
In a private car:
You can park on Einstein Street or on Hantke Street behind the Horev Center. And reach through the stairs marked in light green on the map.

By public transport:
All lines that reach the center of Horev.
From the center of Carmel lines 37,28,23,133,99,22,31.
Manosh lines 28,11,31,123.
- Line compiler 24,37,28,133.
From Hof Hacarmel Central Line 133,123,11.
- From the Gulf Central Station, line 123.

For those on foot:
You can get through Horev Center -> 
the underground passage -> the former cinemas -> 
the exit from the parking lot -> Hantke Street 
number 10 and from there go up the stairs marked 
in light green on the map -> third house on the 
left -> 11A Einstein Street.



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